Change Log




13 Nov

14 days later...

Hey guys,

We have a big update for you all!

-*NEW* Leaderboard
-All Player Stats are now ranked by Position/League in Player Profile
-More Stats

-We added a variety of animations to the stat bars. Check them out as you scroll

What we’re working on next:
-Mobile Web (we have to re-design/engineer the site so you can access it on your phone)
-We’re going to begin implementing a community section into Stacked

Just wanted to let you guys know that we’re constantly trying to improve our data integrity, add more relevant stats, fill missing data, etc. Currently most of our stats are computed based on Season totals (regular season and playoffs included as one), so numbers may vary a little compared to other sites.

More from us soon,
Cody, Pedro, and Alex




27 Oct

Day 1: Welcome to Stacked

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to Stacked and we’re so excited to have you here. We built Stacked because we wanted to create a place for eSports fanatics (specifically around League of Legends) to discuss and research all things eSports.

In this first version, you can expect features like:

-Player Profiles
-Team Profiles
-League Profiles
-Upcoming Match Previews
-Past Match Summaries

Thanks for being here on Day 1 and we hope you stick around. Feel free to request any features via the big green button on the top right corner of the website or reach out to us directly on Discord with any comments or concerns.

See you around,
Alex, Cody, and Pedro